Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to be active and earnest. We do not want to be one-time consultants, but attentive partners. LSS Networks has been consulting companies for more than a decade, focused on customer satisfaction and tangible results by building a relationship with your company and becoming part of your team. We strive to understand your company’s needs and help your employees to do their jobs better, making your company more productive.

Integrity, quality, professionalism and precision are the ideas behind LSS Networks. Our goal is to create the “suit” that fits you best, in a simple yet effective way, carrying our mission on, without losing sight of yours. Today as in the past, it is a matter of men, not only of technologies. Choose your goal: We’ll take you there in the simplest way.

Some of The Businesses That Trust Us

The Getty Museum, Hammer Center for Leonardo Studies at UCLA, The Italian Consulate General in Los Angeles, The Woo Agency, Starlite Originals, Giorgio Borruso Design, The Italian Trade Agency, The Italian Institute of Culture, L-Nutra…
Our Expertise
We reduce unnecessary complexities.

We help to standardize your workstations.

We reduce your downtime by protecting your data.

We help to optimize and manage your IT assets by using innovative technology solutions.

We run the technical side of your business’ operations, CTO, CIO, Data-Center Manager, IT Manager, Cloud Solutions Specialist.

We are Virtualization specialists.

We are Cloud Solutions specialists.

We are LAN, and Wireless LAN specialists.

We are Data Storage and Security specialists.

We are Systems and Networks administrators.

We believe in quality, precision, and professionalism.

Our Strengths


Today more than ever, the speed of changes permeates every aspect of our lives, and the internet has transformed the way we live, work, have fun and learn. Lopardo systems’ goal is to help your company to transform this change into a competitive advantage. We strive to support your company in the march towards agility and flexibility, by way of a high-quality service. This means we have expertise, attention to the smallest details, care, dedication and passion for the never-ending research for the most unique, sharp and appropriate solutions.


The difference lays in the attention for the smallest details we employ, and in the consciousness that method, careful planning, scrupulous organization and persistence are the bases of every successfully completed mission.


Our professionalism is tightly bound to our seriousness and to the commitment towards maintaining our promises. Always.

What we aim to provide is a product with your name on it, something to tell your story and describe your world.

Some of Our Technologies Partners